How To Deal With Potential Root Canal Complications

24 November 2014
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The goal of having a root canal performed is to save the tooth so that it will last the rest of your life. Unfortunately, complications do happen following a root canal. By being aware of these complications, it can help you seek help at the first signs of trouble to help save the tooth. How To Tell If The Root Canal Has Failed The best way to recognize potential trouble with a failed root canal is if you experience the same symptoms you had before you went in for surgery. Read More 

Tips For Easing Your Child’s Anxiety When Visiting The Dentist

21 November 2014
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Does your child routinely experience anxiety when it comes time to visit the dentist? If so, you should know that there are many different techniques that you can use to help ease your child's anxiety without the need for medication. Taking the time to review the information below can help you to determine which of these techniques is right for your child. Tap Into The Power Of Role Play Many childhood fears stem from the natural fear of the unknown. Read More 

Want To Keep Your Teeth Healthy? Try These 3 Natural Treatments

20 November 2014
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Keeping your teeth and gums clean can help you keep the rest of your body healthy. In fact, healthy teeth and gums can protect you from medical conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and even diabetes. When bacteria is allowed to build up in your mouth, it can spread through the rest of your body, which can put you at risk for serious health problems. Here are some easy ways to keep your mouth clean and your teeth healthy. Read More 

Forgot Your Toothbrush? Here Are Tips For Clean Teeth Anyway

19 November 2014
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We've all done it: forgot the toothbrush. This is particularly annoying when you've arrived at a trip and found the toothbrush didn't make it in your tote. If running to a neighborhood store for a cheap toothbrush is not an alternative, there are a few other methods that you could use to clean and freshen your mouth. Simply look under the restroom sink or kitchen cabinet to find what you need to stop growing the bacteria that makes cavities. Read More 

How To Get A Dental Cleaning Without Feeling White Hot Terror And Pain

18 November 2014
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Going for a cleaning at the dentist is one of the most unpleasant appointments you can have, second only to fillings and root canals. (Although there's something to be said for cleanings being worse since they happen far more often.) Some people have gums so sensitive, that getting them cleaned is enough to stop them from going to the dentist at all. Here are a few ways to make the experience of a dental cleaning easier. Read More