Forgot Your Toothbrush? Here Are Tips For Clean Teeth Anyway

19 November 2014
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


We've all done it: forgot the toothbrush. This is particularly annoying when you've arrived at a trip and found the toothbrush didn't make it in your tote. If running to a neighborhood store for a cheap toothbrush is not an alternative, there are a few other methods that you could use to clean and freshen your mouth. Simply look under the restroom sink or kitchen cabinet to find what you need to stop growing the bacteria that makes cavities. Here are a few different methods that you can use to get the job done after forgetting your toothbrush.

A Known Alternative: Baking Soda

Baking soda has many uses. Toothpaste is among them. You've likely seen some toothpaste or mouthwash brands with baking soda as the main ingredient. Baking soda is also understood to whiten teeth and dislodge plaque. You can use just baking soda by itself on your teeth on your finger or some other material to clean your teeth.

Check Your Spice Rack

Did you know that you could chew a variety of herbs to refreshen your breath? Try chewing the leaves of spearmint, peppermint, or rosemary to get these mouth freshening advantages. Remember that just chewing herbs alone does not loosen debris; it just refreshes your breath.

Teeth Wipes Do the Trick Too

Even if you do not have a toothbrush, you might have a stash of teeth wipes somewhere in the case you had a crisis. This is one of them. So find your stash. Teeth wipes are usually soft material formed like a glove for your finger. Moreover, these teeth wipes will keep your breath fresh since they come in minty flavors.

Sugarless Gum (Mixed with Saliva)

You probably already know that chewing gum after a meal is good for your teeth. It's good for a short-term toothbrush also with one caveat. The gum needs to be sugarless. Sugarless gum coupled with the saliva in your mouth will temporarily clean your teeth.

While these tips are perfect for pinch hitting in in the case of an emergency, you still need to keep brushing your teeth using a standard toothbrush the remainder of the time. Skipping even one cleaning will allow bacteria to grow and build up on your teeth. This bacteria in turn will cause plaque and cavities. Check with your dentist or someone like Kyle J Frisinger DMD for other tips that you could use in the event that you have forgotten your toothbrush.