See Your Dentist On A Regular Basis For Healthy Teeth

6 December 2022
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You should go see your dentist regularly. When you do see them, the dentist will do a cleaning. They may have their assistant do some of the work, but the dentist will come to check everything out, make sure that your mouth is good, and do certain things. So, what are some things the dentist will do at your regular appointment?  

Examine Each Tooth

One thing the dentist will do is take a tool and check out the front and back of each tooth. They are looking for decay or burgeoning cavities. As the dentist checks each tooth, they will say what they find. Their assistant will take note of everything that the dentist says. If there are problem spots, your dentist will go back and check them out in more depth and decide what needs to be done. 


After your teeth have been examined, they are going to get scaled. Plaque builds up between examinations, even if you carefully brush and floss. The dentist or assistant will take a small mirror and the scaling tool and start stripping it off your teeth. The way they do this is to just use the tool to scrape the plaque from your teeth. Periodically, the person doing the scaling will use a suction tool that will suck all the scraped-off plaque out of your mouth. Ideally, you shouldn't feel this, but if you have a large buildup, you may feel a little pressure when the dentist works on those areas. 


You should floss daily, but that doesn't mean that the dentist or their assistant isn't going to floss your teeth for you. The professionals are going to be able to floss your teeth better than you can do it yourself. They may also have things you don't have at your house, like a water pick or something similar, which can give you a better result. When your dentist is flossing your teeth, they can also give you some suggestions on how to improve your flossing at home. Those suggestions could include using a different kind of floss or flossing your teeth in a different way. 

You need to see your dentist regularly so that your mouth and teeth stay healthy. When you go see them, they will give you a good cleaning and make sure that you don't have any cavities starting or any abscesses in your jaw. A good cleaning will give you a good basis to build on until your next cleaning. 

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