3 Requirements You Must Meet in Order To Be a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

29 March 2022
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Dental implants offer several benefits which make them the superior option when compared to other tooth replacement options. These benefits include stronger bite strength, stability, durability, and longevity. Dental implants also help to prevent bone loss in the jawbone after a tooth has been extracted. Unfortunately, not all patients end up being good candidates for dental implants. If you are hoping to take advantage of the benefits that dental implants provide, taking the time to review the requirements below can help you to determine if you would be a good candidate for this procedure.

Requirement #1: You Must Be in Good Overall Health

Dental implants do require you to be placed under general anesthetic before undergoing oral surgery. As with any type of surgery, this can be somewhat stressful on your system. If you suffer from any serious chronic health conditions, you may not be healthy enough to undergo surgery. Consequently, dental implants are best suited to individuals who are in good overall health. 

Requirement #2: Your Jawbone Must Be Healthy

Traditional tooth replacement options such as full and partial dentures work by placing a fake tooth on top of the gum line. Dental implants are different in the fact that they are actually placed inside your jawbone in order to mimic the natural structure of your teeth. In order for these implants to have the strength they need to support a dental crown, your jawbone will need to be in good health. Conditions such as chronic gum disease and osteoporosis can result in bone loss that will compromise the strength of a dental implant. If this bone loss is severe, getting an implant will be out of the question. However, in cases of mild bone loss, a bone graft can be done in order to help strengthen the jawbone by replacing the lost bone density. 

Requirement #3: You Must Be 100% Committed To Good Oral Hygiene

Dentures are able to be removed each night in order to easily clean away and food particles and bacteria. This is not the case with dental implants. Your new teeth will be permanently placed in your mouth and therefore require you to care for them just as if they were natural teeth. A failure to brush and floss each day can result in your dental implants needing to be replaced long before they should require attention. If you are in need of a tooth replacement as a result of tooth decay or other hygiene related issues, you must ensure that you are fully committed to practicing good oral hygiene moving forward before deciding to get dental implants.