What Is IV Sedation Dentistry? Is It Right For You?

10 January 2022
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What is IV sedation dentistry? Is this something you should consider for yourself the next time you go to the dentist? What does this type of dental procedure cost? You can ask your dentist these questions if they offer IV sedation dentistry in their practice. Here are some pieces of information you should know about this type of dentistry should you find an IV sedation dentist near you.

What is IV sedation dentistry?

IV sedation dentistry is a type of dentistry where the patient is sedated and calmed via an IV in their arm or wrist. The IV is filled with a calming drug that is administered under the watchful care of an IV sedation dentist or dentist trained in sedation dentistry. Other sedation methods exist, such as a breathing mask for laughing gas, oral sedation medications, and other sedation techniques, but an IV can be most successful for giving a constant flow of sedation without interrupting the dental work the dentist is doing.

IV sedation dentistry can be an alternative to general anesthesia for more detailed or extensive dental procedures such as removing wisdom teeth or performing dental surgeries. Any concerns about IV sedation dentistry should be brought up with a general doctor and board-approved dentist before having this type of sedation performed.

Is IV sedation right for you?

It depends. If you do well at the dentist without any kind of stress or anxiety and don't find getting basic dental work done, including cavity fillings, tooth pulling, and other procedures, daunting, then you likely only need this type of sedation for more major dental procedures. However, if you find yourself stressed with every dental visit and have pain sensitivity, particularly when facing longer dental visits, then IV sedation dentistry might be right for you.

Some insurance companies cover the cost of IV sedation, especially when it's recommended by an IV sedation dentist to ensure a successful dental visit. However, the costs for IV sedation should also be noted: the average cost for IV sedation dentistry is around $482. You may pay this fee in addition to your other dental visit costs, so budget accordingly.

If you want to be sedated when you have dental work done, IV sedation dentistry may be right for you. Not every patient works well with this sedation technique, however, so compare all types of sedation dentistry together when you have to have extensive work done.