4 Facts To Learn Before Your First Botox Treatment

8 September 2021
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You've probably heard of Botox. However, you may not know that you don't necessarily have to schedule a dermatologist appointment in order to take advantage of Botox treatment. Some dentists have the training and certification required to perform facial injections, such as Botox treatment. Here are some facts that can help patients prepare for their treatment:

1. Botox can be used to alter the appearance of a patient's smile.

Botox can be used to help people who show a little too much lip when they smile. By injecting Botox in the area around your mouth, your dentist can weaken certain muscles, allowing you to show more teeth. Botox can also reduce smile lines around the corners of the mouth.

2. Botox can be used to treat TMJ disorders.

While Botox is typically used for cosmetic treatments, it can be used to treat medical conditions, such as TMJ disorders, as well. TMJ disorders affect the joint at the hinge of the jaw. People with this condition typically feel tightness and pain in their jaw muscles. Dentists can relieve TMJ pain by injecting Botox into the joint. Botox will encourage the jaw muscles to relax, which will lead to a reduction in unconscious jaw clenching that tends to exacerbate TMJ disorders.

3. You may want to consider using Botox in conjunction with facial fillers.

Botox is an effective method to reduce fine lines. Expression lines that are caused by the habitual contraction of certain facial muscles will fade away after Botox treatment. However, deeper wrinkles caused by age may not go away completely. Some people find that a combination of Botox and dermal fillers allows them to get the look they desire. You can use Botox treatment to smooth small wrinkles and prevent future wrinkles, while dermal fillers can be used to replace areas of lost facial volume. You can discuss a dual treatment strategy with your practitioner.

4. Your first Botox treatment may not last as long as subsequent treatments.

Botox treatment is an investment in your looks over time. The results you see won't be instantaneous, but you should notice a reduction in wrinkles and harsh expressions by the time a week has passed. The length of time that your Botox injections last will depend on a few factors, including how quickly your body clears the Botox from your system. Most people will enjoy their Botox results for at least three months, although the results can last for up to six months. First-time patients may notice that their results fade more quickly because their muscles bounce back faster. If you continue to see your dentist for Botox treatments, you should notice that they last longer in the future.