Time For Winter Break? 4 Things To Do If Your Child Will Be Going Back To School With New Braces

19 December 2019
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The holidays are finally here, which means it's time for winter break from school. If your child will be heading back to school with a fresh set of braces, make sure they're prepared. Going back to school with new braces can be a trying experience for kids, especially if they don't have what they need to survive the changes. Here are four things you need to do if your child will have new braces when they head back to school after winter break. 

Stop by the Office 

If your child has new braces, they may still have a few days where they experience some mild discomfort. Unfortunately, when your child is at school, you're not there to provide them with their pain medication. If your child is still experiencing some discomfort associated with their braces, stop by the office at school. You can leave a bottle of over-the-counter pain medication and a note from the orthodontist. That way, your child can stop by the nurse's office when the pain sets in. 

Keep an Emergency Pack on Hand

If you're going to be sending your child back to school with new braces after winter break, make sure they'll have all the supplies they'll need. Before they head back to school, put together an emergency pack that they can keep in their locker. Their pack should include at least one tube of braces wax, a portable ice pack, and orthodontic dental floss. That way, your child will have everything they need for their braces, right at their fingertips. 

Invest in a Mouthguard

If your child is active in sports, or just likes to get rough during recess, invest in a mouthguard. Your child can experience serious mouth injuries during sports if their mouth is unprotected. You might not realize this, but now that your child is wearing braces, direct contact to the face - even with a soccer ball or basketball - can cause serious cuts to the inside of their mouth. A mouth guard will help protect against those types of injuries. 

Give Them a Locker Mirror

Finally, if your child is heading back to school with new braces, make sure they have a small mirror for their locker or backpack. A mirror will allow them to check their braces for damage during the day. However, it will also allow them to make sure that they don't have food stuck in their braces, which can be embarrassing. 

Speak with your orthodontist for more information on helping your child adjust to braces.