When Wisdom Teeth Must Be Removed

5 November 2018
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Have you started noticing signs that you have wisdom teeth that are finally coming in? If so, you may be wondering if these wisdom teeth need to be removed, or if they will continue to come in without any issues. Be aware that wisdom teeth can cause some major oral health problems, which is why they need to be removed in the following situations.

Your Wisdom Teeth Will Be Impacted

One common problem with wisdom teeth is that they do not grow in at the same angle as the rest of your teeth. They actually come in impacted, which means the teeth are growing sideways. It can lead to a variety of problems, which includes teeth that are infected or inflamed, as well as causing a lot of pain due to their position in your mouth.

Impacted wisdom teeth will be discovered by having an x-ray taken of your jaw. Your dentist will see exactly where the wisdom teeth under your gums, and get an idea of how they are growing in. If your dentist discovers that they are impacted, it is likely that they'll strongly recommend surgery to remove your wisdom teeth.

Your Surrounding Teeth Will Be Pushed In Different Positions

Did you have orthodontic work done in your teens in order to straighten your teeth? It's possible that wisdom teeth will destroy all of the work done by your braces. When wisdom teeth do not have enough room to properly come in, they'll push against the teeth next to them and cause all of your teeth to gradually shift. 

Straight teeth will easily become crooked once again. Not only will you need to have those wisdom teeth removed in the end, but you'll need to have another corrective procedure done to straighten your teeth again. This can be both expensive and time-consuming when compared to having the wisdom teeth removed early.

Your Jaw Can Become Damaged

When you don't have room in your mouth to contain those new wisdom teeth, it can lead to jaw damage. Pockets will be created in your jaw to make room for these teeth, which can become infected and lead to issues with the jawbone. This problem can also be discovered when x-rays are taken since your dentist can project how those wisdom teeth will come in.

If you have any concerns about your wisdom teeth or tooth removal, be sure to schedule a consultation with your dentist. They'll let you know if they will be a problem and how to handle it.