3 Orthodontic Options To Consider For Straighter Teeth

26 April 2018
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Having crooked teeth can dramatically affect your self-confidence when smiling. That's why braces exist. If you're considering this orthodontic treatment, you'll want to think about the following treatment options. 

Metal Braces 

Perhaps the most common types of braces you can have put in by your orthodontist is metal braces. They are one of the most affordable choices, and having them put in is pretty straightforward today.

They are effective because of the metal wiring that's used to apply pressure, slowly moving your crooked teeth into a straight position. Your orthodontist gradually manipulates this metal until your teeth have reached the desired location. 

Metal braces also contain brackets, which rubber bands go around. You can customize the color of these bands if you're wanting a distinct look. Additionally, these traditional braces are smaller than they've been in the past, making them not as noticeable.

Lingual Braces 

A lot of people fear getting braces because of the stigma that comes with them. You may want something that's a little less noticeable than traditional metal braces. In this instance, you'd be better served having lingual braces put in.

They work very similar to metal braces, only they're placed on the inside of your teeth. They are therefore not as visible when you go to smile, giving you added confidence. Since these braces are placed behind your teeth, they're pretty comfortable to wear. The only major con is that they're pretty difficult to keep clean.

Clear Braces 

Probably the best straightening option in terms of visibility is a set of clear braces. As their name implies, these aligners are completely see-through. Once they're properly placed in your mouth, no one will be able to notice them.

Clear braces also give you the benefit of being able to take them out any time you want. Whether you go to eat or want to talk without any disruptions, you can simply remove your braces and keep them stored in a protective case. Taking care of your teeth is also extremely easy thanks to their removable design. Lastly, since these aligners are smooth on the inside and out, you can remain comfortable when wearing them for hours.

There are so many great options for straightening your teeth today. To choose braces that end up working out long-term, you need to keep in mind important factors like your overall dental needs and your particular budget. Contact an office like Chikes Orthodontics to learn more.