3 Back-To-School Dental Tips To Help You Keep Your Oral Health On Track

18 July 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Depending on where you live and what level of schooling you will be attending, you may have a month or two before school starts back. When it comes to dental health, school can make things a bit challenging. You have become accustomed to your summer schedule – being able to brush your teeth on your own time. However, now that you are going back to school, you are going to be on a set schedule. Here are a few tips to ensure that your teeth remain healthy:

Tip #1: Set a Tooth-Brushing Schedule.

As a general rule, you are going to have a fixed schedule when it comes to school. If you are a university student, you may have a little bit more leeway with your schedule. Regardless, you will know when you will and will not be at home. This allows you to determine the best time of day to set aside for brushing your teeth. As long as you are doing it twice a day, it doesn't matter when it gets done. However, it is best if you do it in the morning before you go to school so that you don't address your friends with bad breath.

Tip #2: Don't Overlook the Importance of Flossing.

In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, you should also floss once a day. Many people tend to overlook flossing their teeth because they think that brushing is enough. However, flossing is important because it can get in between your teeth where a toothbrush is unable to. It's okay if you haven't been flossing, as you can start up anytime. Don't be alarmed if you notice that your gums bleed a little bit. This is completely normal and the bleeding (and soreness) should subside within a few days. Keep in mind, though, you may want to floss after school so that you don't have to worry about red, swollen and sore gums throughout the day.

Tip #3: Focus on Healthy Lunches.

As you are packing your lunch for school each day, try to avoid packing sugary and starchy foods – or at least keep these to a minimum. Instead, focus on healthier options, such as bite-sized fruits and vegetables, yogurt, pretzels, nuts, cheese, etc.

If you haven't been to your family dentist for your X-rays and cleaning yet, try to schedule it before school starts so that you don't have to worry about missing a day of school. Check out a website like http://www.allaboutsmilesinc.com/ for more information and assistance.