Taking Good Care Of Your Teeth: When You Have Medical Issues That Require More Vigilance

16 December 2016
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It is recommended that in order to have good oral health, you visit with your dentist twice a year. You should be brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once. This strategy works great if you are healthy overall, but when you have issues that impact your health, you may need to see your dentist more often. Patients who are diabetic often see an increase in gum disease, while those that take medications that cause dry mouth may have problems with their gums. When your dentist notices that your gums are receding or are bleeding during treatment, you may need to see your dentist every three months instead.

Gum Disease and Diabetics

High blood sugar levels and difficulty fighting off infections can cause an individual to have gum disease that worsens. While early gum disease can be reversed, more severe gum disease will often take its toll. People with diabetes who let their gum disease go unchecked will find that eventually the teeth become so bad that they need to be pulled. People who are diabetic need extra medical attention from a variety of providers, and that includes the dentist. To keep your mouth healthy, you will need to keep blood sugar levels in check and go to your dentist every three months.

When You Take Medications That Cause Dry Mouth

Some medications cause dry mouth, which can lead to cavities and eventually to gum disease. If you are on a medication that causes you to have a dry mouth, talk with a dentist about your options. They will probably suggest that you use a professional mouth rinse every day to improve the health of your teeth and gums. They will also likely recommend that you get an adequate amount of water every day, as this can contribute to the problem. You may not be able to reverse all of the issues that come with a certain medication, but being proactive can make a big difference in your oral health.

If you have medical issues, eating healthy does more than give you the nutrients that you need for your body. When you eat better, your mouth, gums, and teeth will be healthier too. Crunchy raw vegetables provided necessary vitamins, but they will also clean your teeth a bit while you are chewing. The healthier you eat, the better you should feel over time. When you are committed to your overall health, your oral health will improve too. For more information, talk to a dentist like Timothy D Calkins DDS.