3 Reasons To Consider Dental Implants

30 November 2016
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Dental implants are a very useful tool that you can use to help prevent or resolve a wide variety of dental issues. Listed below are three reasons to consider speaking to your dentist about getting dental implants.

Prevent Teeth From Shifting

One of the most important reasons to consider getting dental implants is that they can prevent your teeth from shifting after you have lost a tooth or had it extracted. When you lose a tooth, a fairly large gap will open up in your mouth, which can encourage the teeth around that gap to slowly start shifting in to fill that space.

In that situation, you could end up with either loose teeth or crooked teeth. However, when you get dental implants, the implants will be able to form a barrier that will keep your neighboring teeth from shifting into the open space.

Prevent Neighboring Teeth From Degrading

Another reason to consider dental implants is to avoid putting too much strain on your teeth. For example, if you have lost a tooth, then it is very likely that you will be putting much more work on the neighboring teeth when it comes to chewing your food.

Over time, this strain can lead to the tooth becoming quite weak and degraded, which could end up causing you to lose that tooth as well. A dental implant can help prevent the neighboring teeth from degrading because it will be able to take on a bit of the workload and ease the strain on your neighboring teeth, which can greatly increase the lifespan of those teeth.

Prevent Jawbone Degradation

Finally, dental implants are a very important option if you have lost some of your teeth because they can prevent the jawbone from degrading over time. One of the key functions of your teeth is that the roots of your teeth will provide stimulation directly to the jawbone every time you chew or grind your teeth.

Without that stimulation, your jawbone will be unable to repair itself from damage, develop new growth, or retain its shape. Over time, this can even lead to drastic changes in the overall shape and appearance of your jawline and face. However, dental implants can help you avoid all of the aforementioned issues because the dental implant will reach down to your jawbone, which means it will provide the same stimulation that your teeth do whenever you chew.

Speak to your dentist today in order to discuss if dental implants are the right course of action for your particular dental issues. Dental implants are a great option that can help prevent your teeth from shifting or degrading while also protecting your jawbone from degradation.