4 Things To Know Before Getting Your Teeth Whitened

6 July 2016
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Having the best smile possible is sure to be something you want. This may enable you to have increased confidence when meeting others and can improve your self-esteem. One way for you to have a brighter smile is by getting your teeth whitened. This is typically a simple procedure that you can have professionally done for the best results. By knowing certain things before getting your teeth whitened, this can be helpful for you.

The process

Getting your teeth professionally whitened will typically only require one visit to your dentist. There will be trays that are specifically created to fit your teeth.

The next step will involve putting hydrogen peroxide in the trays that are of the highest concentrated amount. This will enable your teeth to be whitened when this is left in place for a certain amount of time.

The good news for any individual that wants to have a brighter smile is that this process is completely pain-free and may only be a bit uncomfortable.

The costs

The amount you will pay to have a professional whitening completed will vary based on your exact location. However, studies indicate the average cost for having this cosmetic procedure completed is $500-$700.

Keep in mind that most dental insurance companies won't cover this expense because it's cosmetic and may not be considered a necessity by your carrier. 

Results vary

It's ideal to keep in mind that you may the amount of whitening you will see varies. If you have severely stained teeth, you may see more significant results. 

On the other hand, if your teeth are only slightly yellow, the results may be less noticeable to you. The extent of the discoloration of your teeth will dictate how extreme your individual results are.

Tooth sensitivity

The only side effect of getting your teeth whitened is the possibility of some sensitivity. However, this typically only lasts for 24 hours after having this cosmetic procedure done.

You can take ibuprofen to reduce any discomfort you may have on the day you have your whitening completed, but this should not last long.

The benefits of having your teeth whitened are numerous. This may enable you to feel better and look better in the process. The key to having more self-confidence in life can start with having an attractive smile. Be sure to schedule your appointment today with your cosmetic dentist to get a brighter smile tomorrow!

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