What Are The Pros And Cons Of Lingual Braces?

28 May 2015
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Your teenager probably wants to have the nice straight teeth they will get from braces without having everyone know that they have braces. They may think that wearing braces is going to be the end of their social life and that they will never smile the whole time. However, as soon as your teenager realizes that there are several invisible brace options. One option is going with something called lingual braces. 

Lingual Braces

The reason that lingual braces are invisible is that they are on the inside part of the mouth, facing the tongue. They still work like traditional braces do, but no one can tell that they are being worn. 

Benefits of Lingual Braces

One benefit that every person who has ever wanted to hide their braces will appreciate is the fact that no one will be able to tell your teenager is wearing them, unless they tell a friend. Another is that lingual braces are more customizable. There are several different kinds of brackets that the dentist can choose to use for your teenager. There are also different materials that the dentist could choose from, usually ceramic and metal. There is one benefit specific to ceramic lingual braces. That is the face that ceramic can become discolored, so having the braces on the inside of the teeth means no one can see that discoloration. Another benefit of lingual braces is that the straightening process doesn't take any longer than other kinds of braces do. Some other invisible methods may take more time. 

Drawbacks of Lingual Braces

One big drawback is the cost. Getting lingual braces can be more expensive than getting traditional metal braces worn on the outside of the teeth. Another problem is that it can be harder for your teen to make sure that they got all the food particles out from under the brace's wires. It will take more work to get all those particles out, and it's important to make sure that they are out. Food particles trapped under the braces can give plaque and bacteria a place to grow, and can start cavities. Lingual braces cannot be used on people who have severe bite problems, so your teen may not be able to wear these braces. 

If you think that your teenager needs to get braces, make sure to take them to a cosmetic dentist who can help them get the right braces for them.