Why Invisible Braces Are A Great Choice For People Who Had Braces As A Child

29 May 2017
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If you've had braces in the past as a child, there's a good chance that the perfect smile you once had isn't quite so perfect anymore. This is a common problem for people who underwent bite correction during their youth. If you're looking for a way to restore the perfect smile you once had without having to spend a huge amount of money, invisible braces might be right for you.

Teeth Shift

Childhood is indeed a good time to have braces, since it's easier to adjust them while people are young. However, it's quite common for adjusted teeth to become maladjusted again following braces later in life. Unfortunately, if dental alignment isn't maintained with a retainer, wear and tear from daily use and bad habits like biting nails will cause the teeth to shift out of alignment again. To make matters worse, while children are an ideal candidate for braces, they're less disciplined about doing things like wearing retainers, so many people lose some of the benefits of braces by the time they reach adulthood.

Avoid Unsightly Braces as Adult

Unfortunately, standard braces are expensive, and unattractive. Many people think back on how embarrassed they were by their braces as children, and having them as an adult isn't any easier. Thankfully, invisible braces can help with both of these problems.

Invisible braces are more affordable than ever, and if you've already had orthodontics work in the past, chances are you won't need as intense a regimen as someone who has never had braces. This means you'll spend less time adjusting your teeth and need fewer pairs of invisible braces, which will keep the cost down.

Of course, invisible braces are loved for their ability to nearly disappear when they're on. You can also take them off to clean your teeth and eat, which eliminates complications.

Use as Retainer

Lastly, invisible braces provide the opportunity to do what you probably didn't as a child - maintain your new alignment once it's completed. You can use your final pair of invisible braces as a retainer to maintain your new bite alignment while you're asleep each night. This will ensure that your teeth won't shift again and that you will have a perfectly aligned smile for the rest of your life.

Invisible braces are a great choice for those who had braces in the past but lost some of the correction they provided. If you're disappointed by the shift in your smile over the years, give invisible braces a try.

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